The ultimate guide to gym etiquette




11 September 2019

Etiquette is termed as a customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Every individual should show basic mannerism and etiquette wherever he/she goes, the gym is no exception to it. The burn gym being the premium health club in Chandigarh shares with you the ultimate guide to gym etiquette.


  Read the Gym Rule Book Thoroughly


When you join a gym they provide you with a rule book, make sure you read it thoroughly. Ask the gym staff if you do not understand any point given in it.


Clean the Equipment


No one wants to catch infections with the sweat of another person. Always carry a spare towel to your gym and wipe down the surface of every equipment you use. This promotes a healthy and hygienic environment in the gym.


Use the Dumbbell With Care


When lifting a dumbbell, opt for a lesser weight if you want to but do not throw and drop the dumbbell when you get agitated and exhausted after or during the exercise.


Check if Someone is Using the Equipment or Not


Before you use the equipment, look around and check if someone is using or not. If someone is using it politely ask them if they are interested to share it with you. If the other person is wearing earphones, you can use non-verbal actions to ask the same.


Save the Equipment You are Using With a Towel


When you are using the equipment and you have to go and fetch some water, drop a towel on it so that others know that you are going to continue the exercise quickly.


Maintain Distance


When someone is lifting weights maintain a considerable amount of gap with them. This is majorly for safety purpose so that you don’t get hurt by remaining close to a lifter.


Don’t Hesitate to Take or Give a Spot


A spot is an assist during a lift. When someone asks for spot be polite and help them out. Just in case, you are the one who needs a spot don’t hesitate and ask someone near you politely to assist you.

Greet Everyone


Enter your gym with a bright and chirpy smile and wish the staff and trainer. This creates positive energy wherever you go and help you stay motivated for the workout.


Burn Gym, the best fitness club in Chandigarh provides a very energetic and positive environment for maximum efficiency. Gym etiquette is simple and helps you create a positive image for yourself and create a healthy atmosphere.