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WELCOME TO BURN- GYM & SPA: We realize there are many ways you can invest your money. But none have the potential to be as rewarding or as fun as owning your own Burn Gym franchise. Burn is widely considered to be one of the top fitness brand of North India, which means serious upside potential for you. Burn is one of the hottest fitness clubs, in one of the best industries there is. Its lead by a world class team of fitness professionals that have identified a sweet spot in the market that will give franchise a competitive advantage.



You don’t have to be a workout fanatic to own and operate a fitness franchise; you just have to want to be part of an industry that’s growing- growing to the tune of nearly one million memberships each year in India all alone. Regardless of economic ebbs and flows, a gym membership is now viewed to many consumers as a necessity item, rather than a luxury. Because of this, fitness based businesses are able to post profits while those of other, less dependable industries are forced into the red. And, with a steady trend towards more and more people electing to exercise, the industry’s trajectory is poised to continue on an incline for many years to come.

  • Low overhead
  • Streamlined operations
  • Value added services
  • Targeted direct marketing
  • State-of-the art everything



1. Financing and site selection

Getting the funds together for your own Burn gym can be a job in and of itself. That’s why we offer you the guidance you need to fund your gym franchise. We’ll sit down with you to review your personal and business finances and based on what we find, recommend just the right products and services for financing your very own Burn. One of the most important decisions you’ll make about your gym is the final decisions you’ll make: Where to put it. Luckily, our team is comprised of extensive experience dealing with every aspect of site selection. They’re well aware of the market trends and will give you specific demographic information about any area you’re considering. And once you’ve chosen a property, they’ll advice you with your lease negotiations to assist you with getting the best terms possible. Our goal is to help you land the perfect location to launch and build your business.


2. Design & Construction Assistance

So what makes Burn anyway? We happen to know the answer to that one because our team has built more clubs that anyone else in Tricity. So needless to say, we’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the formula. To help you get a handle on it we’ll hook you up with a member of our franchise team; they’ll function as your go-to-guru during each and every phase of your club’s design and construction. Additionally, you’ll get one of our official design guides, which lays the process out in a simple, straightforward and easy to understand way.


3. Training & Development

You can't achieve the heights we have without robust training at every level of the organization. Burn franchise receives world class training throughout the process. We start with orientation session, which covers the basic of Burn, the details of your welcome box, and dive into the pre-opening check list which spells out a clear timeline of all franchise activities. Next we take you to the presale and grand opening training followed by live operation training. And finally, our professional team performs in-store training on our state-of-the-art IT and Systems training to get your team up-to-speed and show you how to access tons of fiscally important reports and information. •



Thanks to our aggressive PR arm, a dedicated marketing team and an online presence that unsurpassed by any of our competitors, the Burn brand enjoys a high degree of visibility. Because of this, you’ll have a built in edge when it comes to getting your franchise noticed. Our online presence sees over 35,000 unique visitors every month and many of those visitors join directly through them. Additionally, we’ll provide you with all of the custom-designed marketing materials you’ll need to get the word about your health club on a local level: posters, brochures, banners, direct mail, e-blasts and more.

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