Know About General and Personal Training




03 April 2019

Personal training and general training work the same way as home tuitions and group institutes did. Personal training is under a fitness professional that provides individualized exercise programming to a client.  It includes one on one training sessions.In general training, a trainer generally coaches 5-10 students. 
Burn Gym, the best fitness club in Chandigarh clears your confusion which training you should undertake by giving you a comparison between the two:
Supervision and Safety
While doing an exercise, it is the primary role of an instructor to keep the members of the club safe so that they don’t get an injury. While personal training ensures 100 percent attention of an instructor, general training divides the instructor’s attention.
Motivation and Goals
In general training, your motivation is defined by music and enthusiasm of others around you. In personal training, you are motivated by the trainer who is closely familiar with your weaknesses, strengths, and needs through each and every move.
Working Out According to the Trainer v/s Working Out Yourself
The goal of personal training is to train you to attain the body that you want. This might have a negative impact on some individuals who have a hard time at performing under the pressure of a trainer whereas with general training you set your goals yourself and can workout as per your pace.
Diet and Nutrition
A personal trainer pays close attention to all the aspects of their client’s health which includes exercise form, workout routine, and nutrition plan. Some personal trainers also have an additional certification in nutrition and motivation while in general training you get the diet from a dietician who might not be aware of all the aspects of your health.
General trainingis cost-effective as the coache’s time is spread amongst a group which leads to reduced cost whereas personal training is expensive as the trainer devotes all their time to one person.
Burn Gym, a premium health club in Chandigarh suggests you evaluate the pros and cons of both and take whatever works best for you.