24 April 2019

Most of us gym freaks assume that when it comes to working out, more is always better. But to break that bubble for you, there is always a certain amount of cardio required by each person as per his/her body requirements.


Contrary to any popular belief, more cardio means more stress to your body and if taken too far, one can wind up in a state of chronic stress which makes it hard for the body to recover from. As the best aerobics classes in Mohali we have a decent idea about the cardio you need.


The following are the things, you must keep in mind before going about with your workout.


Consult Your Trainer


Nobody would know it better than your trainer, how much workout is required by your body and how much can it restrain from constant workouts. So, always ensure to keep your trainer in the loop as to what your body aim is and how do you plan to go about it rather doing al on your own.


Your Aim


Depending upon whether your aim is to lose weight, gain strength or enhance muscle power, you should focus on the time and energy you put into your cardio.


Your Diet


It is as easy to take in the calories you burn. One works work hard just to burn a few hundred calories. And it’s even easier to eat all those calories back without you even having that realization. A couple of handful of nuts or a piece of fruit is all it takes. All the energy burned supports weight loss, but to regulate your food intake is also a must.


Every person has a different body type and must be working out differently to maintain that. Keeping in mind the above-said things, one can benefit the most out of his/her workout routine without making it a stressful activity. Being the best fitness solution in Chandigarh we provide the best cardio tips and make it easier for you to achieve your goal.