How to Stay Motivated as a Beginner




07 January 2020

We all join a gym with a certain motive in mind. Whether your goals are to lose or gain weight, get toned and tight, build body strength or keep up your shape, the key is consistency. It is very easy for a beginner to fall out of the loop. But you can achieve your goals if you stay motivated and keep hustling as you go through your gym routine. Burn Gym, one of the best gym in Chandigarh and Punjab, brings to you a few tips you can apply in your gym routine to stay motivated as a beginner.




Make a schedule and stick to it. Most of the time, beginners tend to give up on going to the gym because of sore muscles and fatigue. It takes 21 days to develop any habit. Make sure that you complete this stretch with sheer discipline and honesty. Once you are through this, you will have an inner drive to exercise it out in the gym.


Track Your Progress


Track your progress whether it is the calorie intake, fat loss, or weight loss. It gives you a sense of achievement. It's important to see where you started, how you have improved, and where you want to be. Whenever you see progress in your physique you will be motivated to improve it.


Gym Buddy


Surround yourself with people who support the goals you have set. Like-minded people will not only encourage you but also push you when you need that extra motivation. A gym buddy can be a great motivation. You can motivate each other to not miss the gym and work together. You need to be very particular about who you want to be your gym partner since his/her gym routines might affect yours.


Burn Gym, the best fitness club in Chandigarh, suggests that you plan your gym routine and have a clear picture of your goals in mind when joining the gym as a beginner.