Gym Bag Essentials For Monsoon




16 July 2019

 While we all love the pitter patter raindrops after the sweltering heat but it might get depressing when it starts interfering with our plans and breaks off our gym routine. Burn gym, the best fitness club in Chandigarh has come up with a few essentials that you can carry in your gym bag and get going with your workout.


A Compatible Umbrella


Always carry a compatible umbrella in your gym back. You might leave your house with a clear sky but it might rain when you leave your gym. So never trust the weather forecast and always carry a compatible umbrella to the gym, if you don’t want to get stuck there.




Raincoats come in mini pouches are very easy to carry and occupy less space in your bag.raincoat protects your clothes from getting spoilt and acts as a back up if your umbrella breaks off all of a sudden.


Waterproof Makeup


You obviously don’t want to enter into your gym with a smeared or washed off makeup. So always carry your waterproof makeup with you, so that if you get caught in a downpour, you can fix it before you step on the treadmill. While purchasing the products, never compromise on the quality of the products.


Antibacterial Face Wipes


The mud splash is inevitable in monsoon, so to protect yourself from any embarrassment always carry anti-bacterial face wipes with you. These come handy when there is no water available nearby.


Spare Towel


Your gym bag already has a towel you use while working out. When it is monsoon season, always carry a spare towel, if you get caught in a downpour and get wait and want to wipe off the water.


Waterproof Pouch


Always carry a waterproof pouch with you to keep your electronics safe from the rain.


Don’t let monsoon mess your gym routine and be prepared to fight the rains and carry these essentials to the gym and enjoy a sweat drenching workout with the best gym in Chandigarh.