Free Weights Vs. Machines




17 December 2019

In this era of improvisation and technology, evolution has come to mean a step backward while taking two steps forward. We cherish a comfortable lifestyle, but also lament about the pitfalls that this comfort zone brings in its wake.


The one place that comes to everyone’s mind that can help them transform their lives, where they sweat it all out, is the gym. But little knowledge regarding the usage of types of equipment, especially when one starts their fitness journey, can be quite frustrating.


Most people are confused about whether they should go with free weights or machines. Let's skip the barriers in between and jump directly to the spot of concern. Burn Gym, one of the Best Gyms in Chandigarh, sorts out the confusion between free weights and machines.


To begin with, if we talk about free weights, they include kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, and anything which you can pick up and hold. These types of equipment can be useful in exercises like squats. Free weights are much beneficial to the people who plan to workout light or in their homes.


If you are using free weights, the major perk is that they will work on more muscles in just every exercise you practice.


Although they provide you with great results in lesser time, one should have proper knowledge about the types of equipment. For instance, what should the posture of the body be while using them during a workout, how they are supposed to be held, and many other things. If these safety measures are neglected, one might suffer from severe injuries.


On the other hand, while talking about machines we cannot neglect the fact that they are pretty easy to learn. Machines are known for their specificity. When a person wills to work on any particular part of their body, machines can prove to be quite helpful. Workout using machines is also advised to people recovering from any injury.


Moreover, during pregnancy when women reach a certain stage, where they are unable to do exercise and lift free weights, then they should go for machines that can give helpful results.


To conclude, we, the top fitness center in Chandigarh, feel both free weights and machines have their roles in shaping our body, and both are equally useful. But if you are the kind of person who wants cheat days regularly yet stick to the past workout results, then free weights will work for you way better.