Fitness Parties




16 April 2019

Parties are all about food and drinks” … well, let’s break that cliched setup and introduce you to a healthier, more rewarding alternative—fitness parties. A concept from the west is a way to celebrate one’s life achievements and milestones, such as bachelorette parties, birthday parties, college reunions, and even divorce parties.


These parties are a new trend in which the professionals have just jumped into, instead of attending a typical dinner, they’re attending fitness classes together. In recent trends, many businesses have incorporated a way to stress management to begin their meetings with a session of yoga classes. 


Here are a few great tips that we at Burn gym, fitness solution in Chandigarh have laid for you to incorporate in your next social gathering to make it fitness-friendly,


- Know your guests

Fitness parties work great when you know the demographics of your guests, the age, gender and a rough idea of their preferences. Run a quick scan through your guests' list before booking a studio or an instructor prior to hosting a party. This way you would also have a suitable meal structure for your guests.


- Not a competition

Ensure that your guests don’t take this social gathering as some competition to showcase their strengths and fitness capabilities and have a casual and fun session exchanging their ideas of fitness and burn those calories, together.


- Energise Well

Before choosing or setting up the style of workout you want to add to your party, ensure it makes you i.e. the host excited and pumped up. Only when your energies go up, you can bring in the same for your party.


- Don’t just stick to indoors

A fitness party does not have to necessarily revolve around being an indoor activity. You can include a pool party, a hike or something around walking or running too.


We at Burn, best aerobic classes in chandigarh, aim to make fitness a joyful experience for you. Something that not only makes you look healthier but also makes you feel healthier and happier.