Exercise Your Way to Productivity



Exercise Your Way to Productivity

15 April 2016

We all know the impact that regular exercise can have on the body, but aside from the physical changes, there's another huge benefit that shouldn't be overlooked.
If you're prone to the dreaded 3pm slump, find yourself easily distracted, or are suffering from a serious lack of creativity, instead of staring at the office noticeboard for inspiration, hitting the gym could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

According to a study, working out can help to boost your energy levels, increase productivity, and even enhance your overall job satisfaction; with findings showing that individuals who exercise for at least 30 minutes a day benefit from an average performance boost of 15 percent.

In fact, some of the world's more successful entrepreneurs swear by it. Warren Buffett, Anil Ambani all prioritise physical activity in order to supercharge their productivity and boost brain power.
So from now on, instead of relying on your daily caffeine habit, why not make the most out of your Burn membership and exercise your mind instead.

HIT up a class

Book yourself in for one of our quick group class before work or during your lunch break, for some high intensity interval training.
Full of short, intense activity bursts followed by brief recovery periods, this power class is set to become your secret weapon when it comes to combating fatigue and brain fog.
Helping to spark energy levels for up to 4 hours, by enhancing your body's ability to transfer glucose and oxygen to the brain, youapos;ll also find your ability to prioritise tasks and concentrate on projects improves.
So, next time you've got a tricky client or stressful assignment to complete, check out our class schedule and we'll help you to perform at your peak.

Increase your pedal power

Aerobic Exercise like cycling has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, with immediate results.
By decreasing the amount of cortisol the body produces, a quick spin session has the potential to help you think more clearly and stay calm under pressure.
Our group classes are a great way to de-stress and have fun. Sculpting, tightening and toning your whole body, the harder you work during the 60 minute workout could mean the less work you have to put in when you get to the office.
Energising and uplifting, if the workout alone doesn't do the job, our heart pumping playlists are sure to keep your stress levels under control, sending you back to work healthier and happier.

Strike a pose

Use our yoga and pilate to stretch your muscles and work on your breathing, in order to help release mental, emotional and physical stress.
Opening your mind to positive energy and creativity, by concentrating on your breath, you’ll find our classes help to de-clutter your mind, leaving you better able to focus on the day ahead.
Suspended in the air, while wrapped in a strong, silky hammock, these classes enable you to achieve a broader range of yoga poses much sooner than with a conventional floor mat.
So, with that extra sense of achievement youapos;ll feel after nailing another new pose, those pesky workplace difficulties will seem much easier to overcome - as will the inevitable aches and pains of sitting at a computer all day.