Crossfit an anti ageing drug




01 May 2019

CrossFit is a program that offers full body workouts. CrossFit is a high-intensity workout program for the people of all shapes and sizes to improve their overall physical well-being that has become popular around the world. The best fitness club in Chandigarh provides you with a complete breakdown of CrossFit.


CrossFit started in the 2000s especially for military, martial artists, police academies and professional athletes from all over the world.


 How Crossfit is Different from Other Exercises


Crossfit is designed to help you better at what you may or may not do on a daily basis. Crossfit was created to make you better on stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, balance, coordination, endurance and accuracy. It is different from various other exercises like HIIT and Functional Training.




HIIT is high-intensity interval training. It is a cardio session arranged as short sets of every hard work. The major role of HIIT is to kick up the intensity of your cardio. You will have to push yourself to the maximum during every set of exercise. There are mainly 20-90 seconds per set.


Functional Training


The purpose of functional training is to improve your ability to do your daily activities. It improves your overall function of the body. It helps the body to make the muscles work together which will help to improve overall strength and balance.


The big difference between CrossFit, HIIT and Functional training is that CrossFit requires equipment to do workouts and most of the time during functional training no equipment is required, hence you will use own body weight. HIIT is basically the cardio workout done in small sets in a relatively short time.


Crossfit workouts are focused on specific parts of the body and are high-intensity workouts. While functional training improves your overall strength and balance that will be useful in daily life activities.


Different types of CrossFit exercises


Front and Back squat




Wall Balls

The handstand pushup


Benefits of CrossFit workouts


CrossFit workouts are quick and efficient

Helps to lose weight fast

Increases joint mobility

It improves the overall health

Boost heart health


There are many myths about CrossFit, for instance, one needs an athletic background, Injuries can occur frequently.


We suggest that performing highly intensive workouts can boost your metabolism and have a greater effect on muscular development. While there is a high risk of injuries doing exercises quickly, therefore, one must take precautions and also train under expert supervision at the best gym in Chandigarh.