Bulking and Cutting - A Guide for Beginners




21 October 2019

Bulking and cutting are two terms you will often hear, if you are a fitness enthusiast or just beginning your research in this universe. To achieve that aesthetically pleasing physique, Burn Gym, best Gym in Chandigarh, believes it is important to understand how and which of these two methods are suitable for you.


Bulking is often defined as a way of intentionally building on muscle mass so that the definition of the body can be larger and more impressive. Cutting is done with the aim of achieving a trimmer physique.


For Bulking


A Surplus of Calories


In order to significantly increase muscle growth, taking a high caloric diet is one of the very first things one needs to begin with.


Increased Focus on a Moderate Rep-Range and Heavy Lifts


Since packing on muscle is the crux behind bulking, one must start to lift heavy in a moderate rep range of about 8-12 reps per set. Design your workouts with compound lifts such as squats and dead lifts, and add in assistance exercises to focus on particular muscle groups.


Don’t Indulge in “Dirty Bulking”


“Dirty Bulking” is the consumption of large amounts of junk food to bulk up. This will not only result in a greater fat gain, but will also have a negative impact on your health which will make it harder, when you go through the cutting phaselater. It is important to avoid this common pitfall.


For Cutting


Eat a Caloric Deficit Diet


Unlike bulking, in the case of cutting the aim should be to eat a caloric deficit dietto break down the tissues in the body. It is necessary to maintain a balance where you don’t lose too much weight.

Exercises to Burn Calories


While going through the phase of cutting, the workouts must be developed with the goal of burning calories. Rest between sets and performing super-sets can be helpful. Resistance exercises are known to help maintain muscle mass during a cutting regiment as well.


For people thinking of introducing bulking and cutting into their gym regime, we at Burn Gym, Fitness Centre in Panchkula, hope this post helped clear some of the doubts one might have.