Appple - Best superfood which acts as a energy booster.



Apple- The best superfood which acts as energy booster

17 October 2018

An apple a day...Okay you know the drill.

But add this to what apples can do: The fruit is bursting with a substance called quercetin, which can improve energy metabolism to increase endurance. In one study, taking quercetin Supplements helped untrained cyclists ride 13 percent longer. While you’d have to eat a ton of apples for the same dose of quercetin used in the study, it can’t hurt to make the fruit your snack of choice, as they may help keep you going on long rides or runs.

Some other benefit which you must know-

1. Apples lower cholesterol. One medium-sized apple contains about four grams of fiber

2. They keep you full.

3. Apples boost your immune system.

4. Apple keeps you feeling energized.