7 Motivational Winter Fitness Tips | Best Gym in Mohali




02 December 2019

The winter season is here, and along with the season comes the need to keep oneself fit and healthy. Winters can make you feel lazy to wake up early in the morning as no one likes to leave the warm comfort of that fluffy cozy blanket. Burn Gym, the best gym in Chandigarh, shares some tips and resources to remain active, fit, and healthy in the upcoming cold weather.


Keep a Daily Check on Sunrise and Sunset Timings


Make smart use of your smartphones. Before going to bed, check out the next day’s weather conditions and timings of sunrise and sunset. According to your daily workout routine, decide which time suits you the best. Try not to miss any day of your daily routine towards fitness.



Set Measurable and Achievable Goals


The best workout in winters to keep your body warm is running. You do not want to miss that beautiful sunset or sunrise when birds are welcoming you with their sweet sounds, and the cool fresh air is entering into your lungs to make you feel alive. Keep a track of your daily running and set goals every week. Sometimes the weather won’t be good enough to do a workout outside, so try to accomplish your goals by working a little harder than usual on some days.



Power Up


Clothing that is not suitable for workouts can give you chills and keep your body cold from outside. You do not want to suffer from a cold or flu during a winter workout. So, make sure you cover your body properly with knee caps, gloves, and ear covers. Also, take care that you wear full sleeve clothing for better circulation of moisture and sweat from your body. 


Make Use of Fitness Apps And Hydrate Your Body


Keep a journal of what you eat and how much you eat by making use of health and fitness apps to keep your diet in check. These apps are a lot like a fitness partner right inside your pocket, which reminds you every time to do things to keep you fit.


Winters may urge you to be lethargic and stay all cosy in your blanket. Burn Gym, the best gym in Mohali, suggests you to fight the cold weather and not mess with your fitness routine.