5 Reasons to Burn Your Fat This Winter | Best Gym in Chandigarh




20 November 2019

Winter season is around the corner, and we need to take care that our body’s metabolism functions properly. This is the time when people spend most of their time inside their homes on the bed, indulging in binge-eating, which increases their calorie intake resulting in the deposition of excessive fats. This makes us lousy and uncomfortable at the end of the day and eventually at the end of the season. Being the best fitness centre in Chandigarh, we are sharing why you need to burn your body’s fat during winters.


Poor Body Shape 


An increase in appetite and prolonged hours of sleeping can make you feel miserable about yourself. The rise in calorie intake may slow down the metabolism rate, which leads to an increase in fat composition inside our bodies and makes our body look poor in shape.



Inactive Lifestyle


The chilly winter days make us lazy, and spending most of the time indoors can take a toll on our body’s fitness, mood, and weight. Usually, the winter season can disturb our exercise routine and makes us lazy resulting in inactiveness. Stay active with home workouts and go for a brisk walk before hitting the bed.



Bad Immune System


Cold weather diminishes our body's immune response. It results in less blood supply to the extreme ends of our body to preserve body heat in the core of the torso and head. The weak immune system can lead to various health problems and infections such as common cold, flu, depression, and obesity, etc. It is better if some warm-up exercises are done at regular intervals during the day. 



Change in Eating Habits


As the weather changes, our body also experiences changes in energy levels, metabolism, and even food preferences. Take control over your urges to binge on brownies, ready-to-eat packaged food, and hot chocolate. Instead, replace them with healthy foods such as vegetables, chicken soup, and oatmeal.




Poor Mental Health


You might have heard about the phrase, “Your stomach size should not be larger than the size of your head.” It is so true in the context of our mental health. Fat in the stomach leads to large energy absorption, this makes it difficult for the right amount of nutrition to reach our brain. This is also one of the reasons which lead people into depression and other mental health issues.



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